Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Forte Magazine Album Review

Forte Magazine Album Review
August 2009
Mademoiselle K

Jamais La Paix - Craving Records 2009

I think it’s pretty fair to say things just sound better in French and there is nothing sexier than a breathy, husky voice put to some awesome hooks and cool punky beats. If you too subscribe to this theory of French = sexy well Mademoiselle K’s latest record Jamais La Paix (Never in Peace) is a must have for your collection.

Lead vocalist Katerine Gierak has been described as the French incarnation of Chrissie Hynde and it’s clear to see why with her at times blasé disinterest juxtaposed against her at times fierce convictions and moments of almost scary aggression. It is this intriguing contrast of light and dark that makes Jamais La Paix such an intense pleasure to listen to.

With tracks such as ‘Grave’ (Serious) and ‘Alors je Dessine’ (So I Draw) the exceptional instrumental talents of the French outfit are more than evident as are some cool pop elements that make these tracks all the more commercially digestible – without being too commercial or too cliché . Title track ‘Jamais La Paix’ is probably the best indication of Katerine’s vocal talent and clearly fascinating character – I’ve got no idea what she is singing about but judging by her tone I am not going to disagree with her!

Jamais La Paix is like the ultimate mood music for passionate punk rockers who require some fiery tunes to set the scene without resorting to Marvin Gaye or Snow Patrol for a lovemakin’ soundtrack! And well if you are lacking in the passion departments this album is guaranteed to put you in the mood for some faire l'amour avec with perhaps a fierce punk edge ;)

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