Monday, September 21, 2009


Album of the week - PUNK-ROCK’S COOL THING - Gierak’s French vocals and the band’s punk-rocking sound prove to be a powerful mix ... Feedback, fuzz, power chords open the album. L.. The combination of French vocals, creative and expert musicianship interwoven with punk-rock gives Mademoiselle K that certain je ne sais quoi. - The Advertiser

Combine equal parts indie-rock and Nouvelle Chanson, and Mademoiselle K is the utterly delirious result. Jamais La Paix is raw indie-rock with a European twist – a must-listen. For Fans of : Camille, Radiohead - Reverb Magazine - Four stars

Gierak delivers an album of rock-infused chanson, swapping the accordions for some thrashy guitars ... Gierak has a lovely sense of dynamics, so even the album’s most, erm, ballsy rock numbers (such as the title track) are tempered with softer moments. - Rave Magazine - Three stars

Le Vent La Fureur (‘The Wind The Fury’) kick-starts the album, placing it instantly in overdrive.. . More than the sum of its parts, it’s an explosive and immediate track. Title track Jamais La Paix wears its angsty punk-rock influences prominently, with Gierak screaming “Il pleut, c’est/c’est dieu qui pisse, c’est dieu” (“it is raining, it is/it’s God who pisses, it’s God.”) However Jamais La Paix is not a one trick affair, Maman XY (‘Mum XY’) is a tender and affecting track, not dissimilar to early Yeah Yeah Yeahs and lead single Grave (‘Serious’) is proudly radio-ready with its infectious and bass driven beat. Enjoliveur (‘Hubcap’) is the catchiest track ever penned about one of the more boring automotive parts out there... A surprisingly boisterous and compelling listen. Beat Magazine

Sometimes Mademoiselle K’s singer/songwriter/presence Katerine Gierak plays around with sound layers the way countrywoman Emilie Simon does and at other times she even picks at an emotional scab or two... Think of it as more ike a French spin on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs crossed with a bit of the Brooklyn art-and-punk scene. The attitude is easily discerned and in several songs, such as Pas Des Carres, the songwriting quality matches the ‘tood. - Sydney Morning Herald - Three stars